Track System BreakAway Transducer Pole

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Track system (Not Included) - Fits all major brand 3-1/2" wide tracks

The Breakaway Transducer Pole is the first of its kind. The design of this pole makes it the most versatile on the market. 

The Breakaway head features 3 locking positions and 1 "breakaway" postion. When engaged in the breakaway position, when the pole hits an obstruction in the water, it simply breaks away instead of bending the pole and ending your day. Most importantly, the rotational head will locate right back to the fishing position allowing you to continue your hunt instantly. The 3 locking positions allow you to stow your pole setup and run from spot to spot without having to remove your equipment. 

  • Pole Overall Length: 60 inches - 84 inches
  • Pole Handle: 15 Inches (fully extended)
  • Pole Arm: 10 Inches x 10 Inches (8 Inches to clear Gunnel)
  • Pole Base: Fits in 3.5" track
The All-Terrain Pole
- The All-Terrain is a three section pole. The top section is an adjustable aluminum handle that can extend and shorten, the mid-section is 36 Inches of aluminum that allows the pole to extend or shorten, the bottom section is made of 24 Inches PVC to give extra flexibility preventing pole breakages.

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