Double Stack

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Do you want to have 2 graphs up on the bow of your boat? We have a solution for you and it can go right on to your existing Ultimate or Ultimate Shorty.


Double Stack 1.0 The original double stack was built to allow for 2 graphs to be added to the Ultimate or Ultimate Shorty. It has a flat plate on the front that allows you to attach your factory gimble mount and graph straight off the front. The 45 degree plate on the back allows for the second graph to be attached at just the right angle. Compatible with Garmin, Humminbird, and Lowrance

Double Stack 2.0 The Double Stack 2.0 was designed for those even larger graphs to allow you to mount your factory gimble mount vertical on the front and allows you to put that graph at just right angle and get it higher or lower as you'd like and allows you to make it perfect for your setup. Compatible with Garmin, Humminbird, and Lowrance